About Mia

"My purpose is to help people reconnect through sensation to the joy of movement in order to find healing & conditioning for body, mind, emotions & spirit."

-Mia Helena Steyn, 

Nia Black Belt First Degree teacher,  in training as International Trainer

Since childhood, and growing up with two very active older brothers on a farm, I have the fondest memories of being outside, playing running, horse riding, cycling, playing open gate, living and moving close with nature, only returning home when hungry and the sun goes down.

I started ballet when I was three years old, and fell in love with the expressive movement and smells of theatre. I continued dancing and set my intentions to become a professional dancer. When starting points, my feet just couldn't bare the pain, and what was once my absolute passion, now became pure torture.

I was devastated, but eventually had to give up this dream and listened to my body.

I continued doing art and all the other sports I still enjoyed doing, changing direction and applied my focus to study graphic design. Alas, life had other plans for me, and after meeting and falling in love with my now partner of 27 years, we eloped to live and work in UK for a couple of years. 

I became a mother at the young age of 19, Away from my family, it was a challenge to juggle everything. We worked hard, but longed to return back to South Africa. Upon returning, we started  building up a business and became known for the unique little events we did. Always including the senses and almost always including a little show of cabaret singers, tap dancers, etc... Our little business started thriving and we started doing bigger events, where we could live out our creative ideas and create unique experiences.

Everything came to a halt when we were in a bomb blast in Camps bay in 1999. My partner, son and friend was physically injured and had to get multiple surgeries in following years to help repair the damage. I wasn't physically injured, but for years lived in a state of fight, flight & freeze. We become very secluded and isolated. I did my best to keep the business going. I really felt like the joy was sucked out of my body and life.

After the birth of my second son, I realised I had to do something to get myself out of this slump, and I knew movement has always been my way to feel better. In the previous years I tried out Thai Bo, and started doing yoga, but it was only when I made the phone call to a woman, called Lucia that taught Nia, that everything started changing. The Nia flyer that I found in our local Health shop, must have been on my fridge for at least 3 months, and then, just like a spark of inspiration appears, I picked up the phone and joined the classes the very next evening.

We danced, sounded, expressed to a variety of music. The kicking and punching stirred a sense of aliveness in my body again, the free movement started reconnecting me to something I buried deep inside years ago... I felt like a discovered myself again, in the known, unknown, the up, down, in , out & around...... I knew this was the way back to myself and living my best life! But how can it be, it is just a dance class??

Lucia's husband fell ill and she was having a real hard time taking care of him and their two teenage sons. She suggested I do the Nia White Belt Training so that when she cannot teach anymore, I can step in and keep the classes going. Being a huge introvert still, I was hesitant, but something inside of me, a strong pull, just said, YES! 

In 2011, I did my Nia White Belt training with Ken Gilbert. The Nia White Belt is all about reconnecting to the Joy of movement, through sensation. I could feel myself coming alive again, after all the years of trauma being stuck in my body, things started shifting. I stepped into what would be become my sacred livelihood.  I remember teaching my first class, legs shaking, and barely any words coming out of my mouth, but I loved every minute of it. I just knew that I have found my path and what I want to do & share in this world.

I did my Nia Blue Belt (the art of communication) with Britta von Tagen, as well as my Green Belt, my Brown Belt (The art of perception) with Ann Christianson, and then flew to Germany to do my Black Belt (The art of creativity) again with Ann Christianson. In 2019 I was invited to court my destiny in Portland, Oregon to become a Nia White Belt Trainer. What an honor! I met the whole training faculty and the creator of Nia, Debbie Rosas and her lovely husband, Stuart.  We danced, co-created and planned the future of Nia together. When lockdown happened, Nia soon shifted all our training online and I am so proud of how it has evolved and how we have become so much closer, and the services we offer are so much more and can reach so many more people.

I am soon to qualify as a Nia White Belt Trainer, and I am so looking forward to share with you what I have learned, so that you too can live your best life. Whether you need support and are busy healing something, or just need to join a group class, and move with joy, I am so looking forward to meeting and moving with you!